I first worked with Laura about 10 years ago when I was traveling for a living. I needed clothes that went from casual to business and formal attire and fit in a carry on. Laura accomplished the task and helped me find great new outfits to fit my style, many I still wear. She is great at putting different pieces together that I never would have put together myself.  On a recent visit, within five minutes, Laura made three different outfits out of a skirt I hadn't worn for years.

I hate to shop so it's great to be able to go in a store and have outfits all laid out and ready to try on.  Laura has a great eye for style and knows what looks good on me. She is also mindful of my budget.  She makes sure I have the "basics" but always finds a dress or top that makes me go, "Wow".  I feel great in all the outfits and individual pieces that we bought together. Thanks Laura.

Sue Hamilton - Columbus, OH

Laura is amazing!  Through a serendipitous meeting I was quick to sense Laura’s genuine passion for fashion and her straightforward approach.  Laura came to my home, organized my closet and now getting ready for work is super simple.  She rearranged everything in my closet to ensure clothing from the current season was available and we put a few great outfits together to test the layout.  Through her closet reshuffling it was clear what pieces I need for my wardrobe and even more importantly what colors too!  I am most thankful to Laura and would highly recommend her fashionista and reforming talents!

Gwen Silverstein, Lansdale, Pa

I have worked with Laura for many years and I can honestly say she has transformed the way I look at fashion. I’ve gained an enormous boost in confidence, and she has helped my 20-something daughters with their wardrobes as well.

Sheila - Columbus, OH

I have too many clothes, there . . . I said it! I needed a fresh pair of eyes to help me go through them all and decide what to keep and what to toss. I love being organized but it is hard when you run out of space and the clothes start taking over. Plus, I am just not good at getting rid of things! Laura came to my home and transformed my closet. Waking up in the morning and walking into my neat, organized closet is a great feeling and a very positive way to start my day.  I plan to keep it that way. Thank you Laura!

Susan Master Worthington, OH

I returned to Philadelphia after living in Florida for a number of years. Most of my wardrobe was inappropriate for the Philadelphia climate. A friend suggested I consider using Fashion Reformed for some help. So, I called Laura and she came to my apartment to explore my wardrobe. Next up was a shopping trip the “First Class” way – No wandering around stores looking for things I might need or like – Just looking at things a “Pro” thought were age appropriate and stylish for me. Fashion Reformed executed a painless makeover of my wardrobe and delivered a major change in my self-confidence – I’m now a guy who is comfortable and confident going anywhere.

Salvatore Catania - Philadelphia, PA

Laura came to my house and organized my closet.  It is so beautiful! She merchandized it so I can see everything I own, like a store.  She first went through my closet and weeded out anything that was out of style, worn, or wasn't my style.  Then she had me try on what was left in my closet and started putting outfits together with pieces I never would have thought looked good with each other and they really did.   I was able to get so many new outfits without spending the exorbitant prices at the stores for brand new. It was so much fun!

Gail Quinn - Columbus, Oh

Laura left yesterday. This morning, I woke up to my fabulous, Fashion Reformed closet . . . What a great feeling! Laura's talents as both a stylist and a fashion merchandiser intersect to make my closet and my wardrobe look great, my clothes accessible and to simplify and make choosing outfits each day fun instead of a chore. I can see what I have, what I need and can combine loads of great looking ensembles for any occasion. When shopping, she shows me what works for me, what doesn’t and why, unlike many Stylist’s I’ve worked with in the past. She’s given me confidence in my look and clothing and has helped me create a balanced wardrobe for both work and casual dressing. If you haven’t consulted with Laura yet, do it immediately!

Lisa, NC

As a business owner, I need to present a professional image when meeting with clients. I have worked with Laura for several years to that end. She helps me determine which items to eliminate from my closet as well as what pieces we need to purchase to update my wardrobe. Fashion Reformed helps me create the professional and stylish wardrobe I require.

Stella Pseekos, Dublin, OH

Laura has been working in my closet for over ten years and has changed the way I look at clothes – and the way I look in them. As the manager of our family business I need to look professional. She has helped me keep my wardrobe updated and found good quality investment pieces that I’ve owned for years. She makes sure I wear everything in my closet by putting outfits together that look good on me. There is never a judgment about your shape - only positive solutions to hide or camouflage problem areas. Her tricks work! I am completely satisfied and highly recommend getting your Fashion Reformed.

Chris Evans, Westerville, OH