Fashion Reformed makes it easy for you to “Shop Your Closet” and ultimately feel more confident with our Five Steps to Wardrobe Renewal.  We understand that every one’s situation is unique and perhaps you may not need us to help you with them all so we’ll cater our services to your needs. Read on or click each diamond below and see how we can help.

A REFINED closet is one filled with clothing and accessories that look great on you. Getting rid of what doesn’t work is the first step. To get you there, we first need to understand a little bit more about your lifestyle needs, style, silhouette and what shades look best on you. The Style Analysis Form will draw us closer to defining your style. We also suggest you collect pictures of your favorite style icons and outfits you like by visiting Pinterest, Tumbler and magazines for style ideas. We’ll have a better idea of some of the answers as we get to know you and have a peek in your closet. There you can present us with your favorite outfits, any unworn pieces as well as fashion challenges.

We’ll solve some problems together, but the best part is to watch us in action as we REALIGN your closet in a way that is easy for you to see everything in it. A realigned closet is one organized by color and classification with shirts and blazers hanging on the top and shorts, pants and skirts on the bottom as you would wear them. Too many white shirts or not enough color becomes visually obvious. It also opens the door to discover pieces you forgot you owned or never thought to combine with each other. Most people love this part as they see their old clothes come back to life in updated outfit combinations. A photo journal to refresh your memory will be created of your favorites as well as a list of “what’s missing” from your closet to make the clothes you own work harder. We will then begin to RESEARCH and find just the right clothes to fill in the gaps by shopping the stores we know fit your budget and style needs.

Bringing your new fashions home to blend with your tried and true favorites will REFORM the fashions within.

Keeping abreast of what’s Hot in fashion is equally important to feeling confident, and we’ll help REFRESH you with trend updates through our blog, “Style Stories” and Instagram.

Now, you may already have an organized, refined closet and just need us to research the market for some new pieces to wake it up, or you may want us to save you money and create new outfits from what you already own. The choice is yours…… any case, we are here to help simplify your life.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Refine - Keep only the clothes that work for you

REALIGN - Make it easy to “Shop Your Closet”

First.. make sure everything is turned right side out. Then uncover all your clothes and handbags so you can see them – Remove all plastic bags.  Use the same color hangers with swiveling hooks. It keeps the focus on the clothes, not on the hangers, and makes it easier to hang in a rush. Get rid of the wire hangers!

  • CLASSIFY – Arrange your clothes by Jackets, Tops, Pants, Skirts
  • SORT Short to Long – sleeveless, short sleeve to long and short skirts to long
  • COLORIZE – Light to dark
  • COMBINE - Mix it up to create new outfits

RESEARCH – Discover new clothes to recharge your wardrobe

  • Fill in the “missing links” to make the clothes in your closet work harder.
  • Let us preselect your shopping list and show you a personalized collection of clothing and accessories that will fit your needs, lifestyle, budget, body type and color story.
  • Earn special discounts to member retailers
  • We are in constant connection with the fashion industry to keep you dressed up to date but with only the trends that work for you!

REFORM - Watch the transformation take shape

  • Reform the way you perceive fashion . . . Take the fear out and let the fun begin!
  • Reshape the way you look at the clothes in your closet.
  • Merge old clothes with new to create a closet full of infinite possibilities that suit you.
  • Make it easy to find your favorite Outfit Options. You’re just a click away with your own personalized Photo Look Book.

Refresh - Keeping you current with the latest in fashion

  • Continue to build your dream wardrobe with fashion updates
  • Connect with us for fashion emergency advice
  • Our membership services will keep you in touch with what’s happening in the world of Fashion.
  • Blog – Share what inspires you about fashion!
  • Check our Blog – Style Stories and share what inspires you about fashion.