Fashion, Style and Being You

Portrait of a smiling well dressed young woman gesturing thumbs up at bright home

When you think of Style and Fashion, they may seem synonymous. Is it her style? Is he fashionable? How do you really define one’s sense of fashion or their style?

It depends on the school of thought you prefer to believe. Some say one is a sociological concept and the other, appearance. Whatever your stand, I believe both carry equal weight as they both say something about who you are. Being true to your Style and comfortable in your fashion choice is imperative to being authentic to yourself. Presenting it accurately to the world would then seem to be something we all strive for. It may come easily for some and with difficulty for others. There is no doubt that the majority of the human race works on it. We have to get dressed, don’t we? Ok, maybe not everyone. Even people labeled as wardrobe consultants and especially those deemed “fashionista’s” have to “work on it.” So don’t feel bad, we’re all in this together.

Fashion is always changing, so the desire to keep your appearance current for the world that judges us, based on that first impression, is in a constant state of renewal. Taking the latest trends and assuring they relate to your “Style” message needs to harmonize, or people just won’t recognize us.

But if you are unsure of what your Style is to begin with, you will constantly face an up hill battle, struggling to decide which new fashion works to reinforce your message. It’s the most important thing to learn when getting dressed and feeling confident. Style is who you are. Make sure your clothes are sending the right message.  Define it…. Wear it with Confidence.

Fashion Reformed can help. It’s what we do.