Style Stories


“Fashions Fade but Style is Eternal”… Yves Saint Laurent.

On the eve of the launch of Fashion Reformed, I thought it only fitting my first blog for Style Stories  describe the lasting friendship and dedication forged in the name of Style and my journey back to where it all began.  Style endures, but like most everything, needs to be nurtured, and as fashions change, mildly adjusted to fit.

For that reason, I have been blessed with the opportunity to help clients navigate the fashion waves of change and honored that many have continued to entrust me with the development of their style expression over the years. Recently, I was able to work with several of them during a wardrobe consultation trip to Ohio in December. The objective of the trip was to help them, and I felt I did. Later, when reading their testimonials, one thing I didn’t expect was just how much they would help me.

They reminded me that some things like trust, loyalty and dedication endure much the same as style when nurtured and fed with patience, attention and understanding. Building these relationships and watching the positive change as they develop their style fuels my fire. I listened to stories of how they heard my voice in their head repeating the 3- S strategy of “Is it Your Style- Silhouette- Shade?” I gave many pats on the back as I commented favorably on how well organized they kept their closets and listened attentively as they proudly described finding their latest bargain.

It is to these fine women of style, some whom I worked with almost twenty years ago, I dedicate my first blog. You have inspired me with your faith and given me strength to keep forging ahead with my mission.  (Please see the before and after pictures of Susan’s closet, who I am pictured with above. We met when I was a Buyer, and she was a model at Lazarus, a large department store in Columbus, Ohio and then often while producing fashion shoots and shows. We actually appeared in a similar photo taken by The Columbus Dispatch twenty years earlier for an article they wrote about my new business, Laura Baciu Wardrobe Consulting Service. )

Style, like friendship is Eternal, especially when combined with a healthy dose of fun and fashion!