Our Mission Statement

“The mission of Fashion Reformed is to help individuals express their true Style with clothing that enhances their Silhouette and personal coloring.  We make getting dressed fun by reforming our clients closets into a visual playground of fashions suited just for them. We approach our clients with quiet enthusiasm for the power of fashion, celebrating their individuality with consistent professionalism.  When our clients walk out the door they are calm and ready for the day, wearing their style with confidence.  Define Your Style . . . Wear it with confidence.

Laura Baciu Wardrobe Consultant
Laura BaciuWardrobe Consultant

Laura Baciu, owner and founder of Fashion Reformed, has been dressing individuals with confidence for over three decades.  Her fashion experience encompasses every facet of the industry as a Buyer, Stylist, Speaker, Writer, Producer, Consultant and Akris Luxury Brand Ambassador for Saks Fifth Avenue.  It is her desire to help men and women define their style and dress with confidence that stokes her passion most.

She learned at a very early age the impact of first impressions.  For four years during the awkward age of adolescence she battled obesity and was often teased.  Then one summer she changed, and through diet and exercise she lost weight.  The first day back at school everyone, except her close friends, thought she was the new girl in town.  Amazed and bewildered it struck a chord and started her on path that has become a lifelong mission: Help those uncomfortable with their public appearance.  Teach them the process of pulling together a wardrobe, looking their best and presenting themselves with confidence.

To acquire the skills necessary to achieve her goal, Laura began her career in fashion at the age of 16 selling clothing, jewelry, accessories and cosmetics at the F&R Lazarus department store in her hometown of Carmel, Indiana.  She attended Indiana University, where she graduated with a Business Degree in Marketing and Management.  She spent the next decade as a Buyer with Lazarus, Youthland and The Limited  Stores in Columbus, Ohio.  Missing the direct connection with the customer, she went back to sales specializing in the luxury goods market for Henri Bendel, Saks Fifth Avenue, Marshal Fields and Doncaster.

She got the idea to create her own company while dropping off fashions to her client’s homes because they “had nothing to wear” for an upcoming trip.  She was amazed to find a myriad of really cool clothing combinations already within the home and the lightbulb went off….. “somebody should teach people how to  use what they already have to create new exciting outfits.”  The post 80’s overspending era turned soon into the recycling conscious decade of the 90’s and the perfect time to start a business to show them how.  So in 1992 Laura Baciu Wardrobe Consulting Service was created to work with individuals as a wardrobe consultant and personal shopper.  It soon developed into a multifaceted consulting business assisting corporations with their brand image through wardrobe seminars, producing fashion shows and as the fashion stylist for the Columbus Dispatch for 15 years.  She was also Regional Director of The Fashion Group International of Columbus, Ohio for 3 years and a regular attendee of New York Fashion week.

She went on to assist as the consulting producer of the documentary “Dressed” (www.dressed-themovie.com) about an aspiring young man, Nary Manivong, and his struggles to become a fashion designer, whom she met while serving as Regional Director of FGI in Columbus, Ohio.  The production took place in New York City over the next year and eventually drew her closer to the east coast.  She decided to move to Philadelphia after a life changing decision in 2008 and has called it her home for the past 5 years.  She has continued to help dress many individuals at Boyd’s and as the Akris Brand Ambassador at Saks Fifth Avenue over the past three years.  It has been her desire to relaunch her business on the east coast ever since she arrived and is thrilled to introduce Fashion Reformed to Philadelphia.